Position open: romulan chief designer

Position open: romulan chief designer

So finally, a dream came true and these features have been set up ! Thanx, Ninja ! Great work !

Time and space now to talk a bit about the future plans we have.

The first and main topic is to get rid of the z buffer problems – klauss will hopefully fix this once he has a bit more time. Noone else seems to have the necessary knowledge, so there is nothing we can do except wait.

The next important step is to get decent bases and base art for the romulans. The bases we have are ugly and rather un-romulan placeholders, so I´d like to offer the position of a romulan chief designer to any interested modeller.

Prerequisites: skills in modelling interiors and exteriors and some ideas how a romulan starbase and romulan outposts might look (canon information is lacking, so there is plenty of space for individual concepts). Skills in unwrapping and texturing would be advantageous.

Applications on the forum over there at http://forums.vega-strike.org/.



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