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Dev diary

So, been a bit busy with the python code and finally succeeded in creating a new room for the federation- the federal exploration corps office. Basically this will be a place where to get exploration missions – and they will have offices on most major federation planets. Been thinking about this for 2 years now-finally it seems to work. Now I have to create the artwork….

Still no mac man available – is there really noone out there ? Hello, its for you….

With more testing, more bugs appear. Some problems with landing – sometimes the only way to land on a planet seems to be a collision with low velocity – no real damage due to the shields, but I have no clue yet why you can land most times, and sometimes you simply cant.

The old forum over there at wcjunction seems to be down completely-unfortunately most posts seem to be lost.

More to follow-


Mac man wanted !

Long time no message – but real life sometimes strikes hard. Nevertheless, development is proceeding, although at a slower pace. I´ve created a few better landing screens, incorporated some new stations, brought all hand-made systems up to date (to the new shader standard) and did quite a lot of balancing – this seems to be a never ending story. In addition, we´ve now gotten some very nice new asteroid belts. So the next release is closing in. For this, I would like to also include a mac release which we haven`t had for 5 years or so. So I am looking for a mac man with some knowledge how to compile the engine on a mac. Anyone out there ?

Position open: romulan chief designer

So finally, a dream came true and these features have been set up ! Thanx, Ninja ! Great work !

Time and space now to talk a bit about the future plans we have.

The first and main topic is to get rid of the z buffer problems – klauss will hopefully fix this once he has a bit more time. Noone else seems to have the necessary knowledge, so there is nothing we can do except wait.

The next important step is to get decent bases and base art for the romulans. The bases we have are ugly and rather un-romulan placeholders, so I´d like to offer the position of a romulan chief designer to any interested modeller.

Prerequisites: skills in modelling interiors and exteriors and some ideas how a romulan starbase and romulan outposts might look (canon information is lacking, so there is plenty of space for individual concepts). Skills in unwrapping and texturing would be advantageous.

Applications on the forum over there at