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2381 | Aftermath

Welcome to the fleet. It is stardate 58749.4. By Gregorian time, 2381. Although the dominion war is over now for several years, the situation in the galaxy is far from stable. The main powers haven't yet replaced their losses of ships, and piracy is raising therefore all over the alpha and beta quadrants. Ruthless traders have salvaged many ships crippled in the War, repairing and then selling them on the black market. In the aftermath of the Shinzon incident, the Romulan empire succumbed to a series of civil wars where several warlords fought for leadership, culminating in stardate 57683.2 when three independent warlords claimed praetorship. Finally, Tel´var won and reunited the Romulan empire, but his stance towards the Federation- Klingon union can be called cold war at best. The cardassian union, severely weakened during the last part of the war, is struggling to regain territories that have become independent after the war – a plan that not only the reappeared maquis wants to prevent. The breen are silent and enigmatic as usual – but their incursions into cardassian space have increased, obviously they are testing the alertness and battle-readyness of the cardassian fleet. Nothing is really known from the Tholians – but actually, no news is good news with this respect – hopefully.
You are a Star Fleet officer. Your goal: To strive to create peace... To rebuild the reputation of the Federation; to explore new territory; to discover the undiscovered. To seek out new life and civilizations, to gain profit through trade and missions of assistance, et al. You have been selected for this assignment on account of your admirable reputation. The Federation is counting on you.

Are you up to the challenge?


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